we support
human organisations
with transformations
in a digital world

Every case is unique.
Listening and observing is where we start. We design solutions
and then we make impact, unconditional.  
Together with you, we design for reality, not for powerpoint.


facilitate strategic
direction setting

Support executives and boards to articulate the strategic direction. Research, developing narratives, facilitate meetings.

business planning

Translate strategic direction into actionable business-plans. Financial objectives, KPI’s investments.

(M&A, PMI)

Support acquisitions and mergers. Manage transactions processes and facilitate post merger integration processes.

new business models

Develop economical and socially sustainable new business models and source investors/committed parties to implement these models.


compliance services

Manage and implement GDPR projects. Run article 564 projects for minority shareholders. Oversight on non-compete restrictions.


Deliver temporary management capacity to support organisations in the delivery of programs, projects or temporary management roles.

Make: digital transformation

journey implementations

Support organisations with the implementation of customer journeys, focussing on aligning customer experience, business processes, IT systems/architecture and data.

data transformations

Support organisations in the creation of sustainable data foundations enabling consistent customer experiences and creating new value chain opportunities.

marketing automation

Support organisations in making the shift from email marketing to journey marketing automation.

Make: workplace transformation

agile workplace

Support organisations in the implementation of agile workplaces based on the principles of accountability, ownership, transparency and speed of delivery

customer centric
workplace implementations

Support organisations in making the mindset shift to put the customer first (shift from functional driven organisational model to customer centric focus)