we are business

HazelHeartwood is a platform of experienced and creative people. 
We are consultants, but we prefer makers. Because we make future with the organisations we support.


The most efficient way of working is at a kitchen table. No barriers, free thinking, free flow of creativity. Pragmatic and no-nonsense. We love gathering a rich diversity of people around our table, from senior business leaders to technical experts and hands-on consultants. Bestinclass sources of expertise, smart brains and professional hands get the job done.


We believe in the power of generations. Combining the rich experience of seasoned business leaders with the creativity and digital savvy of young generations is our key differentiator.


We were eshablished in 2011 and since then, we worked for over 100 customers. We have a stable core team and a group of freelancers that we know and trust.  We are are part of a reliable, strong and financially stable organization: the SD Worx Group, who holds the majority of our shares.