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The client, a regional investment authority, had refreshed its strategy. Hazelheartwood was engaged to facilitate a strategy project and to evaluate the potential impact of the new strategic direction. After several years Hazelheartwood was engaged again to do an external review of the strategy and to develop together with the board several amendments.

Our client, a large multi country service provider, wanted to diversify. We supported the board to identify and evaluate opportunities. Hazelheartwood was then engaged to support the implementation of the chosen direction. We were closely involved in the support of M&A processes, facilitating strategic discussions, implementation of strategic project bringing effective results.

A non profit organisation was faced with rapidly changing market conditions. The organisation identified a need for a strategy to create a sustainable step change in operating cost. Hazelheartwood was engaged to support in redefining the organisation’s strategy. To create a fact-base, consultants participated in the operational activities and met people at every level across the organisation. The strategy was co-created in workshop sessions with management and Hazelheartwood consultants designed a program to implement it.


The client, a major player in the agro-food sector, had taken the decision standardise its ERP system across all entities. Hazelheartwood was engaged to bring the next level of maturity to programme structures through improved planning, budgeting, reporting, and roll-out. We delivered the management capacity to organize and imoplement this improvement.

The client, a global technology company was facing challenges implementing a new ERP system. Management wanted to ensure that the implementation programme was structured to deliver required outcomes. Hazelheartwood was engaged to conduct an “outside in” expert programme review, reporting back actionable improvement recommendations to the audit committee. Later, Hazelheartwood was asked to provide the interim IT director to further implement the ERP program.


The client, a global metals company, had a legacy of IT complexity resulting from recent M&A driven growth. There was a clear need identified to plan to simplify and standardise the IT landscape and organization. Hazelheartwood was engaged to identify improvement opportunities, co-create and plan IT improvement initiatives, and support and improve project and programme management processes.

The client, a leading brand in the automotive sector, had developed a vision to create a single view of each of its customers. Hazelheartwood was engaged to plan, develop, test and roll-out systems to create the envisioned single view of the customer. Our role evolved from the design phase to actually implement the improvement projects that were needed to realize the projected benefits. We developed a unique and innovative agile approach to enable the accelerated implementation of the improvement projects. We took responsibility to deliver the projected results and have been able to do so in time and in budget. The trust and confidence that this approach has created, has led to several follow up projects with increased scale and scope.

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