Who are we?

Hazelheartwood came into existence in 2011 and is a fastgrowing consultancy and advisory company with a unique firm culture and business model. Our core values are transparency, simplicity, trustworthiness and empowerment. These are the drivers that connect us as a team.

How do we work?

Hazelheartwood supports human organisations to transform in a digital world. We are a consultancy firm focused on strategical transformations and business advisory to organisations, while providing the possibility towards operational implementation. Hazelheartwood focuses on four types of business transformations: purely strategical transformations, digital transformations, performance & operations transformations and workforce transformations. Our project teams are always formed by bringing together highly experienced seniors with creative juniors.

What we do?

Hazelheartwood commits to creating value for society by means of initiating and contributing to social innovation projects. A part of our time and resources are dedicated to projects in which we aim to create both social and economic sustainable value. Concrete projects include Experience@Work and Bank of the Future. We are currently also creating a social innovation hub which focusses on developing services and products for seniors.

Why we do it?

  • Freedom and flexibility that go hand in hand with responsibility and mutual trust
  • A community of likeminded people creatingvalue together,
    in contrast with a traditional employer-employee relation
  • Meaningful work with a focus on economic and social sustainability
  • An encouraging environment that stimulates entrepreneurship and challenges your skills
  • Opportunity to work together and learn from experienced senior manager profiles
  • Transparent renumeration

Join our team?